The Nine Watermelons album was released by Riva Sound in 2002, in Sofia, Bulgaria. The composer of the twelve compositions, Todor Vasilev Gerov, has created a bright, enjoyable blend of various music genres for solo piano. All the piano and vocal parts are performed by Todor Gerov’s daughter, Dessislava T. Vassileva–Vaughan, who interprets the different styles of the compositions in a provocative and temperamental way.

The musical form, the vivid melodic line and the functionally logical harmony facilitate the high artistic texture of the compositions. The music is equally delightful for both music lovers and professional musicians. The album entertains the listener with the unique sound of ragtime, with the cheerful Latino rhythms, with the fascination of the jazz waltz, with the poetry of Romanticism and the brilliance of the music from the classical period. Some of the compositions carry elements in the tradition of the Bulgarian folklore music, famous for its complex compound rhythms. The spirit of the Bulgarian past can be perceived both in the free, non-measured slow fragments, as well as in the temperamental melodic-rhythmical formations. In his album, Todor Gerov has employed a plentitude of time signatures, such as 5/6, 7/8, 8/8, 9/8, 11/8, 12/8, 13/8, 14/8, as well as combined compound measures such as 5/8+5/8+5/8+9/8 (in “Dessie”), 12/8+11/8 (in “12+11”) and others. At the same time, the compositions captivate with their melodiousness and modern harmony.

About the Songs

Dessie – A pleasant blending of folklore mood and jazz intonation
Free and Independent – A jolly piece in the manner of traditional ragtime
Reflections – A modern piece with Romantic flavor
Krivo Sadovsko – The composer has used a popular folklore theme, performed on clarinet and accordion by its authors Petko Radev and Ivan Kirev. Todor Gerov has involved the simple brief melody into an elaborate and engaging masterpiece
Long Day – It is a charming composition for piano and vocal, combining the beauty of classical music and jazz
A Whiff from the South – This piece entices with the warm temperament of the Latino rhythms
Based on a Theme by Mozart – This composition is based on the popular Mozart Sonata in C Dur (C Major). The lucid classical melody intertwines with the sophisticated harmonic successions of modern jazz
Jazz Waltz – A stimulating and beautiful waltz
Nine Watermelons – The composition is written in 9/8, which is one of the reasons for its name and the name of the album. It is a pleasurable fusion of jazz and specific Bulgarian sounds
Romantic – A lyrical piece in the passionate Romantic style
Retronom – The title is a compound word of “retro” and “metro-nom.” The author conceived of this original name, because it best expresses the mood of this elegant ragtime
12+11 – This exclusive jazz-folk composition is attractive with the unique sounds and wealth of combined compound rhythms

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  Songs Samples
1. Dessie  
2. Free and Independent Play
3. Reflections  
4. Krivo Sadovsko  
5. Long Day  
6. A Whiff from the South  
7. Based on a Theme by Mozart Play
8. Jazz Waltz  
9. Nine Watermelons Play
10. Romantic  
11. Retronom  
12. 12+11  

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